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Origin: ancient Italian variety belonging to Asparagus scaber species, selected and improved by some Venice area producers.

Cultivation area: suitable for all Italian climates also for dry or sea areas, where the salt soil level is not usually favourable to asparagus cultivation.

Plant: very rustic, with satisfactory productivity, superior however to the common wild asparagus.

Spear: medium-small size, with a typical bitterish flavour.

Strong points: this variety is cultivated for high quality and very exclusive productions, thanks to its excellent organoleptic and nutritional qualities. It's totally immune to rust and shows a high resistance level to Stemphylium v. and Fusarium spp.

Available varieties

Raggi Vivai - Professional - eros Raggi Vivai - Professional - ercole Raggi Vivai - Professional - marte
Raggi Vivai - Professional - franco Raggi Vivai - Professional - zeno Raggi Vivai - Professional - grande
Raggi Vivai - Professional - amaro montina Raggi Vivai - Professional - argentuil Raggi Vivai - Professional - violetto
Raggi Vivai - Lab Raggi Vivai - New Fruits Raggi Vivai - Mondo Tartufo Raggi Vivai - Frigo Cesena

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