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Cultivating truffles has always been the inspiration of researchers and truffles searchers, thanks to the high gastronomic and commercial value that these precious mushrooms have. Now, with further biology research of the truffles and plants, it is possible to increase their production following two different ways:

  • Planting and cultivation on proper soils of mycorrhized plants.
  • Intervention on the natural cultivations of truffle, to increase their production or to reactivate the old ones.

Truffle cultivation has made incredible progresses in the last ten years, thanks to technicians, nursery companies, truffle farmers and expert researchers. Truffle cultivation is now possible with even more success as long as the soil is suitable and if there is no direct experience, it is necessary to rely on serious and qualified specialists. The main truffles used are: precious black truffle (60%) and the summer truffle (26%), while the main species are Oaks - Quercus pubescens - (55%) and the Hazelnut - Corylus avellana - (77%).

In Italy, the truffles come more and more from cultivated orchards because the natural trees are in decline. The truffle market price has been quite stable and high for several years and we foresee the same situation for the future, thanks to a continuous demand both in Italy and abroad (more and more restaurants in Italy and abroad offer tasty truffle dishes with different kinds of truffle). There are also private costumers ready to pay considerable prices to try these wonderful truffles which give a touch of refinery to lunches and dinners. It is possible to buy truffles from traders, on Internet and also in the hundreds of truffle shows and exhibitions around Italy.

A new challenge for us is to promote and produce truffles all over the world where the soil and climate conditions are suitable.

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