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Truffle grows in soils with precise physical-chemical characteristics.
The soil must have carbonate (CaC03) and subalcaline or alcaline pH (from 7,7 to 8,5). Soil which is not too heavy or which has good drainage, thanks to a natural slope and to the presence of stones or gravel, is of course preferred. These elements favour the circulation of oxygen in the soil which results in being vital for truffle growth.

The more precious is the truffle, the more it demands from the soil. The easier truffles to cultivate, grow well even in not very ideal soils. To know the soil composition, go to a specialized laboratory for a physical and chemical analysis.

The planting of well certified plants is fundamental for the good results of a truffle orchard. However it is important to state that, before starting plantation, it is necessary to have some preliminary information in order not to make big mistakes which could cause complete plantation failure.

Preliminary informations:
  • Height above sea level.
  • Exposure to the sun.
  • Air temperature.
  • Spontaneous flora.
  • Soil chemical and physical analysis.
  • Choice of truffle species.
  • Choice of plant tipe.

  • Prepare the soil well.
  • Plant correctly.
  • Protect the plants (by shelter, canes, ground cover protection, fencing).
  • Forecast plant irrigation.

Post transplanting:
  • Irrigate in the hottest month.
  • Weed around the plants.
  • Treat the plants to combat insects or fungi, only with organic products.
  • Prune when necessary.
  • Use the best farming methods.

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