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47521 Cesena (FC) - ITALY
Tel. +39 0547 382171
Fax +39 0547 631874
e-mail: info@raggivivai.it

Raggi Vivai
Truffle cultivation

Raggi Vivai started the production of mycorrhized truffle plants in the 80's, initially producing plants only with black precious truffle and precious white. In the 90's the company started the production of the "Scorzone" and "Bianchetto" truffles.
As the first private nursery plant company in Italy, it has always produced top quality products and keeps to the strict voluntary certification rules for the mycorrhization of plants produced for the market.

Raggi Vivai takes advantage of the scientific collaboration of two Italian Institutes which are:
  • The Department of environmental science at Aquila University.
  • The Department of vegetable science at Perugia University.

The produced plants always have a:
  • Mycorrhization certificate.
  • CE health certificate.
  • Certificate of plant origin (Italian) in accordance with lex n 386/03.

The seriousness and professionality shown in all these years has brought constant growth to our company.

The large supply of greenhouse mycorrhized plants, a highly qualified staff and many well established customers make Raggi Vivai one of the most important national truffle nursery plant centres.

Besides the commercialization of its own produced plants, Raggi Vivai company offers the following services:
  • Advice for a new truffle plantation.
  • Physical and Chemical soil analysis.
  • Truffle search will trained dogs both in new truffle plantations and natural truffle areas.

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