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Truffle Species

Truffles are underground growing fungus belonging to the Tuber genus.

Like all fungus, they lack chlorophyll so they cannot process the substances (sugars and starches) necessary for their own survival. To make up for this, they attach themselves to some plant types (trees and bushes), thus produce a relation called “mycorrhized symbiosis”, from which both take advantage. The truffle grows under the ground next to the host plant, in rich calcium soil, with a Ph sub-alkaline or alkaline level (Ph 7-8,8).

It has a roundish irregular shape, its size varying in dimensions from a pea to an orange. The inside, called “pulp”, contains millions of spores which have a reproductive function. Every truffle species has a different type of spores.

The spores when germinating give origin to the mycelium which, besides joining the plant to the truffle, carries out the function of mycorrhizing the new young roots found in the ground. On ripening, every truffle species emits its own smell which means a trained dog is able to identify the truffle which is then picked up by the truffle expert.

Available species

Raggi Vivai - Tartuficoltura - Nero pregiato Raggi Vivai - Tartuficoltura - scorzone Raggi Vivai - Tartuficoltura - Bianco pregiato
Raggi Vivai - Tartuficoltura - bianchetto Raggi Vivai - Tartuficoltura - uncinato Raggi Vivai - Tartuficoltura - brumale
Raggi Vivai - Tartuficoltura - mesenterico Raggi Vivai - Tartuficoltura - nero liscio
Raggi Vivai - Professional Raggi Vivai - New Fruits Raggi Vivai - Mondo Tartufo Raggi Vivai - Frigo Cesena

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